Platformer Plus is a set of changes to the GBStudio platformer engine that add new mechanics and allows designers to further tweak platforming.

New features include:

  •  Solid Actors, Platform Actors, and Gravity
  • Advanced Tweaks to Player Movement
  • Wall Jumping, Double Jumps, and Floating
  • New Dashing Mechanic and options
  • Advanced Running Mechanics
  • Drop-Through Floors
  • New Camera Controls
  • Powerful New Scripting Events

All of these options can be found in a new Platformer Plus settings panel in GBStudio, and you can learn more in the documentation. Version 1.62 includes a wide range of optimizations to make this the speediest version yet.

You can find the most recent experiments and bug-fixes at for Platformer+ at

Feel free to use this in any projects, or to edit and extend the changes. Attribution is appreciated.

Special Thanks
GumpyFunction, for the Coyote Time and Jump Buffer elements from Pearacidic, forthe advanced platformer engine ideas (such as avatar orientation) presented in
PauTomas, for providing the Player Fields Plugin.



GBStudio 3.1

Download the 'zip file, and unzip it into your GB project folder.

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Hey thanks SO MUCH for creating this! This has helped me create better platformer physics for my next game! 

If possible, would you be willing to share the gbstudio project for this demo? I would really like to take a look at the assigned settings values for the different parts of the demo. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how the settings work together. 

Also is there a recommend way for setting a 'jump height minimum' for when the player just taps the jump button instead of holding? It seems that every time I tap the jump button, the player only jumps a few pixels into the air. I would really like to fine tune how far the player jumps when I tap the jump button.

Thanks again for this amazing plugin!!! 


Unfortunately, I don't have the project files for the sample level anymore.

For minimum jump height, my recommendation is starting with the default jump height of 1792 and turning down the classic gbStudio jump height to something low or even 0 and tweaking it up.

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

Hello, I am new to Gb Studio. I put in the project folder the Platformer plus plugin, but nothing appears in parameter? Tested on mac and windows!I'm definitely not doing it well. is it possible to have a screenshot of the installation? Or other?

Thank you. 

Sorry! I just found the solution in the documentation "how to install a plugin"


i think i installed it (put plugin folder in project..) but I only see "actor gravity" 

is there more im suppose to be seeing? thanks. plus I got error  

Packing Data...


?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global '_actor_gravity_on' referenced by module 'scene_1_init'
?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global 'b_actor_gravity_on' referenced by module 'scene_1_init'

- ?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global '_actor_gravity_on' referenced by module 'scene_1_init'
- ?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global 'b_actor_gravity_on' referenced by module 'scene_1_init'

It's probably easier to troubleshoot this live. If you join the GBStudio discord, I'm happy to help you get it up and running.

im there as zartan917...

Hi, I have the same problems. How did you solve it? Thanks 

hi i  think i got an update version on github and/or i just reimported everything tried again and it worked


All of the additional functionality that has been added is fantastic, so thanks again.
I have a feature request:

Drop through platforms - would it be possible to limit the amount of platforms you drop through to a single one? At the moment if I keep holding the button/s I continue dropping through platforms forever. Ideally the player would have to press down/jump again for each platform below.

Thanks for the request! I'm taking a little bit of a break, but once I get back into it I should be able to add that without a problem.

Amazing, thank you :)

I've added this feature. It's not on the page yet (finishing up some new camera stuff) but the Github version has the update.

just getting started with this, but loving it so far! Is there a way to do a ‘backwards’ dash? I would love to incorporate that into a dodge roll mechanic of sorts. Thanks!

It depends on what you want out of a backwards dash. Right now you can use the Store Platformer+ State event to check when the player enters a dash and use that to play a different animation (ie. facing backwards).

The next version will have a new event that will let you set the current state, so that you can cause dashing to happen whenever you want through your scripts (ie. attach it to a specific button combo).

awesome! I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for the reply! And thanks for all your hard work. It’s a bit daunting at first, but I love all of the extra stuff I can mess around with and tweak. 

Awesome work.

Is it possible to have double jump levels be unlocked in game by setting a variable? or just within the GBS settings.

Yes, GBStudio 3.1 has an event to Set Engine Fields, and you can use that to change the number of double jumps from any script.

thank you for the patches, it works pretty well.

So good! Thank you for making this awesome plugin!

Hey, I see you have moving platforms. Does this plug in also solve problems where actors don't have any collision? 

Nope sorry, that's beyond the scope of this plugin and is more fundamental to how GBStudio is setup to handle collisions

Holy moly, moving platforms is huge, and it works great, thank you!

Is it possible to have wall sliding be toggle-able?

Yeah, if you set wall gravity to be the same as normal gravity then wall sliding has no effect.


Really great work on this! Extra spice for the platformer engine was badly needed!

Great job with these, hope this gets vanilla, 3.1 just came out, will this work still?

Yup, the engine eject still works, and I've also included a new engine plugin version to make it even simpler.

thanks!!!! XD